jQuery x Prototype Ajax Get JSON

Just wanted to show how the same task can be performed at both jQuery (first snip) and Prototype.

The ideia here is to retrive an Array to the variable materials_id.

       jQuery.getJSON("/faturamento/ordem_compra/lista_pedidos_json/"+id, {},
          materials_id = data
	new Ajax.Request('/faturamento/ordem_compra/lista_pedidos_json/'+id,{
		method: 'get',
		requestHeaders: {Accept: 'application/json'},
		onSuccess: function(data){
			materials_id = data.responseText.evalJSON(true);

Beware, the response is not synchronous by default. That means that if the next line were alert(materials_id) You would likely see ‘undefined’.

On Prototype is pretty easy to set synchronous, but in jQuery, a little more troublesome. Anyway, you can make it yourself, just set after the call and before you need the materials_id a while with the condition, that checks the typeof materials_id 🙂


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