Aptana RadRails cool as TextMate (look)

UPDATE – 2011-03-31 :Aptana 3 has been released a long time ago, it looks awesome, and a lot like Textmate. IMO, you should give it a try.

Ok! I just mixed 2 guys themes over Aptana 2, tweaked, and added the proper Font (Monaco) and it is just awesome!

Kudos for: Rob Conery and Rémi Prévost

Take a peek:





To Install:

  1. Have Aptana RadRails installed
  2. Download the Monaco Font for Linux (really do this first!)
  3. Download my preference set (sorry for shitty file host)
  4. On Aptana: File – Import – Preferences, select my preference set (uncheck the keys, to not swap your shortcuts with mine)
  5. Done

If you had a problem with .CSS (as my friend Tadeu) just go to http://remiprevost.com/2007/07/aptana download the zip and apply to your aptana like this: Window – Preferences – (filter typing ‘color’) – CSS – colors – import; and select the css file 🙂

Only tested on Ubuntu 9.10. Let me know what you think


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