Live Validation simple File Validation

Taking a breath from this speeding job, lol, it probably makes no sense, but has been crazy here.. anywho!

This is a simple snippet or recipe for using the marvelous Live Validation on a simple file extension verification.

The advantage of this is huge, because you can check the kind of file being sent without your server handling the full download of the file! And the user has a quicker feedback! Win – Win

Validate.Anexo = function(value, options) {
    var extensoes = options.ext.split(" ") || ['png', 'jpg', 'bmp', 'gif', 'jpeg']
    var message = options.failureMessage || "A extensão do arquivo está incorreta, são aceitos: " + extensoes.join (' ');
    if (  validateArquivo(value, extensoes)  );
    return true;

function validateArquivo(val, extensoes){
	var exp = ".*\.(" + extensoes.join('|')+")$" 
	exp = new RegExp(exp,'i') // ex: /.*.(png|jpg|bmp|gif|jpeg)$/i
	if (val.length > 0) {
		return ( ! exp.test(val) )
	return true;

Then you use on the view through the arg -> ‘ext’, that should be a string insensitive, where every extension is separated by space

var file = new LiveValidation('document_atach', {validMessage: " ", onlyOnSubmit: true} )
					.add(Validate.Anexo, { ext : 'xml txt doc' } )

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