inMotion – a Tween engine for Javascript


I’m glad to announce the begin of my development of In Motion, my implementation of (movement) Tween over the CANVAS tag of HTML5 😀

In Motion - Very Early Preview

In Motion - Very Early Preview

The features included are expect to be by 1.0:

  • A few shapes of Bones
  • Each bone is defined by 2 dots and an ID
  • The animation of each bone is done by moving each dot of the bone
  • A few animations included (mostly the same as this guy)
  • An editor for the animation functions
  • Each bone can have specific animation and duration for each keyframe
  • They will be able to appear and hide

The implementation targets:

  • Performance
  • Flexible
  • Easy to Use

What is to be expected? A 2D bone-jointless system for animation focusing games. Editor included 🙂

When should be the first release? I still don’t have a schedule, but it is one of FlockonUS project, so it is a priority along with a few.

Why? I want to make games and sites using cool JavaScript, so far I found no libs that do what I’m looking for.

On the next posts there will be follow ups of some interesting stuff over the implementation

This is the first post of the category inmotion.


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