Installing rails 3.0.0 on Ubuntu 10.4

How I did all Wrong

  • I had ruby 1.8.7 and Installed RVM as ROOT, not the gem
  • I did the above without knowing about the working of RVM
  • I had ruby 1.8 and 1.9 installed, and the gem had a confused env
  • Lots of other confusing paths and installs

Now, the good part.. Simple rails 3.0 install

How I did it work*:

  • Removed RVM by the great command sudo rvm implode
  • Also ruby1.9, sudo aptitude remove ruby1.9
  • Updated my gems:

sudo gem install rubygems-update
sudo `gem env | grep 'EXECUTABLE DIRECTORY' | ruby -e "puts  gets.split(': ', 2).last"`/update_rubygems

  • Installed Rails 3.0.0, sudo gem install rails -v3.0.0
  • Made a project on rails, rails new dum; cd dum
  • Installed mysql gem, bundle install
  • rails server

Great Refs:

*: I have not tried it for real, with several gems, I will update if anything fails It is all working just fine


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