Rails User Action Logger


The problem: I need to log my user’s actions on the site ( a game) so I can Datamine it later, It is also very desirable to investigate each user individually.

My solution: (still primitive) A ruby lib that is able to accumulate some actions (in a array) and then append it to a log  File. Aafter_filterapplication_controller that auto-logs every action taken. The action can set a custom warn level, and a custom message.

I made a GIST with this. link1 link2

Usage: The usage is actually automatic, but you can custom with 2 options on a Action, Example:

def create
    @user_session = UserSession.new(params[:user_session])
    @bf_errors = 10
    @bf_minutes = 10
    #logger.info ">>>> #{@bfw.to_s}, #{session['create_number']}"
    if @bfw = brute_force_warning
      captcha = verify_recaptcha(:model => @user_session, :message => "Favor digite as letras que aparecem distorcidas")
      if (@bfw == :active && !captcha)
        @warn = 8
        @action_obs = "#{@bf_errors} per #{ @bf_minutes} minutes. Email:#{@user_session.try( :email)}, pass: #{@user_session.try( :password)}. "
        render :action => "login"
        return true

Discussion: I chose JSON for being very extremely easy to parse on JavaScript, which has great Libs for data visualization.
I considered the rails Buffered Logger, Beanstalk and direct File Write, but I believe the method I’m using is way faster than those. My assumption is because all I do is native to Ruby, with minimal memory use, and disc access.

. A plugin that handles this.
. A controller-action-view to visualize this Data =)


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