Migrating from SQLite to Mysql on Rails 3

Common sense on developers use to say: Don’t use sqlite on production, because it sux in performance.

Well, for a system with around 20 users that should be no problem at all in the begin, right? – Right but also Wrong!

I’ve tested using the system on the same settings, but for some reason, after a while the reading on the Database by Rails became very inconsistent. While in console I would find some recently created objects by Rufus Scheduler, the web app would not see then until the server was restarted! Weird results, but a price to pay for not listening the common sense =)

The solution would be to migrate the schema and data to some easy to use Mysql. Schema as widely known is extremely easy to migrate on Rails framework (if used properly).

Searching for solutions for migrating data from different databases may be a pain, but given a great Rails tool it is rather simple! Introducing the gem yaml_db, made by the Heroku people.

As the commands are simple as :dump and :load, I don’t see why go longer in the explanation.

The whole process took less than 2 hours, including a small bug fix in a non-agnostic code =)

At service of BananaBrains, FIRE the social soccer game RPG.


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