Very simple invisible JavaScript & Rails captcha


Visual captchas are far from being desirable on most public sites, but spam is even less desirable, mainly in contact forms. This solution I am implementing is dead simple, but also, weaker than reCaptcha.


Put this in the application_controller.rb

  before_filter :form_spam_control


  def form_spam_control
    if || request.put?
      unless params['agent_smith'] == 'Mr Anderson, welcome back'
        render :text => "Please make sure cookies and js are enabled"
        return false

Put this in a javascript that is executed on every public page, typically, application.js (*does require jQuery loaded)

$(document).ready( function(){
  $('form').append( j('<input/>', {
    type: 'hidden',
    id: 'agent_smith',
    name: 'agent_smith',
    value: 'Mr Anderson, welcome back'
  }) )
//UPDATE! in order to support AJAX without extra params add:
j('body').ajaxSend(function(a,b,c){ if( c.type == 'POST' || c.type == 'PUT' ) = > 0 ?'&agent_smith=Mr+Anderson%2C+welcome+back' : 'agent_smith=Mr+Anderson%2C+welcome+back'})

This is totally invisible and harass-free for the user.
I am based on the principle that spam crawlers does not run JavaScript, which may not be true for all of them. Still this will deny some crawlers that may be considered good, such as Mechanize.
This technique can be easily ported to other backend languages, such as PHP, ASP, C#, Java, since it only requires a parameter filter on POSTs and PUTs
If the attacker focus your website, this will be easily broken.
If the user has JavaScript disabled, he can’t post, but this is a normal drawback on some captchas.
* the part of the error message including ‘cookies’ is just a disguise =)


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