2012 Recap

Early this year.. I had a car, house all for myself on the weekends, a girlfriend, presence of family and friends, had maid once a week, a dog, cheap beer, worked with the tech I like the most and still was not nearly satisfied.

In Canada I live in a small room sharing apartment, am experimenting in new job, have to study, cook and clean for myself, smaller number of friends, no actual family nearby.

To summarize: All I have done was with support of friends and family, I am useless by myself. I can also say for sure that I am growing despite all uncertainties. Back then I had too much in my mouth, after a big cleanup I can see better and crave for more!


One thought on “2012 Recap

  1. Don’t be so hard on you, mate. FIY you are a better person than most that I know of, you’re an awesome being even though you don’t feel this way right now. The transition is hard, specially if you don’t have that much of support right now. Learning how to carry our own weight is a really hard lesson. And you know very well that I *been there and done that* for years in a roll.

    Hang in there. The good sides are very well over there, in a few months or years you’ll see better. And of course, get distance from the assholes, they are good for nothing. Bubble yourself a bit in people that like you is not really any shame. We are not Jesus or a fucking punchbag.

    Take care,

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