Remove jQTouch + maps lag


jQTouch still is a pretty good tool, with performance out-of-the box for old mobiles (being faster then jQMobile), but with some sharp edges.

The problem I deal with in this post may come in a couple of factors, such as:

  • When combined with Google Maps, there is an insane lag when panning (scrolling) the map.
  • General scroll is slow.
  • Some components are slow, particularly when under CSS transition.

At first I thought that either it had a bad interaction with Phonegap, or poor handling of events.

What I find happening that was pretty bad, and almost made me drop it’s use entirely is that it applied some CSS perspective to the body on the bundled apple.css

bad transform

What a bad perspective..

This made the map feel laggy on the Desktop and incredibly bad on iOS!

So, as solution, you have at least 2 options:

1) Remove the property from the .css

2) After jQTouch has been initialized, run a function that remove  the 3D support flag, like so:


Done! =)