HR, the PR and competency of a company (naive approach)

This article is wrote before I take my course in HR, it represents my vision of it as I have interacted with it (such as being recruited)

HR is more often than not the deepest take people have in a company they wish to work in.

All these participants will carry a profound impression of the company. It is of extreme importance that HR realize this.

Those who are not called in are likely to carry a negative impression of the company due frustration. But it would be the recruiter minimal obligation to minimize the damage to PR and even maybe turn it into something positive!

Since the daily dynamics recruiters may forget the humans interactions taking place, and more often than not participants are discarded as non-fitting products. Without realizing, by selecting people based on simple text matching of skills and requirements are diminishing the importance of their own jobs.

Head software engineers that shape communities and influence the paths of technology development make lots of fun of clueless recruiters that don’t know what they are doing. The companies that they are recruiting for are mocked.

Not to say, that unless recruiters are in deep sync with both the technologies and products they are hiring people to develop / serve they cannot do a good job! Any correct screen would be sheer luck.

Bottom-line, HR shouldn’t be shallow recruiting somebody with skills x/y/z, must go through a deeper understanding and be as crafty as possible at the process. Much to learn from journalists in this sense.